These were the TURN AROUNDS that I created for this Resin Sculpture. These drawings would eventually be turned into 3D Turns by MANA STUDIOS​​​​​​​
These were the 3D Turns/ Renders based on my 2D TURN AROUNDS.
Here is the first pic of the First assembled FUTURE BOY (Gray Model) HE HOVERS!!

A hand crafted Resin Sculpture, made in collaboration with MANA STUDIOS, & based on my popular FUTURE BOY print. This 5.75 IN. Tall and 9 IN. in Length Resin Sculpture was HAND CRAFTED & HAND PAINTED. Limited to ONLY 25. They were sold on OCT. 21, 2015. The date that MARTY traveled into the FUTURE! This is the First Colorway of my FUTURE BOY resin.

What better way to celebrate the FUTURE then putting on your FRESH NEW JACKET, turning your pants INSIDE OUT, AUTO LACING your kicks & jumping on your HOVERBOARD and heading out to the local RETRO CAFE. Tell me this FUTURE BOY, where were you when the FUTURE HAPPENED!


This is the SECOND colorway for FUTURE BOY and was an Exclusive at  DESIGNER CON 2015. This colorway is pays Homage to the Speckled outsole of the most iconic SNEAKERS in movie/pop culture, the NIKE MAG. FUTURE BOY might not have LED LIGHTS (or POWER LACES) but his speckle pattern does GLOW IN THE DARK.
Here was the IG post for the 'McFLY' Edition when they went on sale.

Here is the IG post for when the 'MAG' Edition went on sale.

FUTURE BOY is now an OFFICIALLY LICENSED Universal/ Amblin Entertainment Product & produced in collaboration with 3D Retro! This version of FUTURE BOY is the exact same sculpt as my Resin version (minus some branding) but now produced in VINYL. This LIMITED EDITION version of FUTURE BOY is available at most Designer Toy retailers, and Signed A/Ps are available NOW in my Online shop.

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