These are the original TURNAROUNDS that I created for this sculpture. These were in turn made into 3D Turns.

These were the 3D Turns sculpted by the team at MANA STUDIOS.


A hand crafted Resin Sculpture, made in collaboration with MANA STUDIOS, & based on my popular WALT print. Limited to ONLY 100. This 8 IN. tall Resin Sculpture was cast in a Transparent Light Blue color to mimic the famous “BLUE SKY” meth that Walt cooked in BREAKING BAD the TV series. Each Resin Sculpture was hand poured, casted, sanded, & treated with a Glossy coat. Making each one unique. None were alike. 
WALT first debuted at DESIGNER CON 2014. 
Each Resin Figure was packaged in a clear Zip-Lock Baggy with a Removable & Reusable Sticker on the front (Removable & Reusable Sticker produced through WALLS 360)

My signature and MANA STUDIOS label is located under  RIGHT FOOT
My DOUBLE T Logo is sculpted into the Bottom of the LEFT FOOT.

This was the Second Colorway of my 'WALT' Resin. This Resin Sculpture was cast in a Translucent  'MONEY GREEN' color in reference to WALT's OTHER favorite color (besides blue). This WALT does NOT come with a BAG of BLUE SKY, but a cool STACK OF CASH, because the deals have been made & now it's time to count STACKS. C.R.E.A.M.  Also Limited to only 100 made

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